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Fast Link Checker 2.2 Build 608 Free

Broken links are a sign of inadvertence of the website owner and one of the most important indicators of a site's quality. Stumbling upon a '404' message is annoying for any visitor, which might ultimately result in traffic loss and the downgrade of your website's rating on search engines.

Fortunately, there are applications that can help you quickly identify broken links in your website and one of them is suggestively called Fast Link Checker.

Analyze all links to find broken ones

Starting from the main page, this application can scan all the links of your website in order to find and retrieve lists of all the URLs that lead nowhere, so that you can fix them with ease.

Based on a multithreaded searching algorithm, it can analyze hyperlinks, images, style sheets, scripts and other links, double checking their availability for a specific number of times and then including them in the report. Gopher, News and mailto: links are ignored by default and you can configure the application to skip robots.txt files and external links.

Filter search results with ease

The application provides compatibility with HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, FILE and RTSP protocols and supports password-protected webpages. Furthermore, you can use it to check all the links in a HTML file, without actually accessing the web server.

It can also be configured to narrow down the analysis to a user-defined directory level and skip files that have small sizes or slow links. The search can be filterted further by setting the application to ignore certain domains and bookmarks.

A good tool for your SEO toolbox

Fast Link Checker is a worth-having tool for any website owner or webmaster, assisting them in finding broken links that could affect the website's reputation and lower traffic.

Considering the importance of invalid URLs, it's safe to say that an application such as Fast Link Checker can be successfully included in one's SEO strategy.

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Free Link Checker 4.3

Free Link Checker is a desktop tool that does broken link check. You specify a starting URL for checking and the link validator software finds dead links, invalid HTTP redirects and other problems on a website or a single web page.

A broken link report is provided after validation. You can set the search for broken links to be recursive, and this way it will validate the whole webpage for old and dead HTML links.

The program includes HTML links spider and broken link analyzer. Free Link Checker provides various settings for broken link check, displaying invalid links report, tracking progress, setting up authentication (username and password) and proxy.

It is possible to analyse links from the selected domain only, get only a summary of broken links, or receive a full report on dead or obsolete URLs (originating from a href, img, etc. HTML tags), invalid HTTP redirects, directory redirects, forbidden links, etc.


.NET Framework 1.1

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Minggu, 23 November 2014

WebSite Auditor 3.15.6 Full Version

WebSite Auditor is a software application that allows SEO experts, but also normal users to optimize their websites. By using this tool, you will be able to reach, that top ranking that you have been craving for, in Google, but in other search engines as well.

WebSite Auditor is the only SEO software that permits the user to optimize their websites on two levels: on-page (the actual content) and on-site (the domain).

First and foremost, you will have to analyze your entire site, so that you can see if you have any problems. The app will crawl every webpage that belongs to you and analyze them depending on certain SEO factors such as page info, external links, link value, Alexa rank, domain Google PageRank, broken links, content type and many others. After this analysis is done, WebSite Auditor will present all the data that has been collected in one project that can be subject to action.


  • You will see why your competitors got their top rankings.
  • You'll know what your targeted search engines want to see on your pages
  • You will know how to change your pages to get better search engine results.
  • You'll easily make all necessary changes under the guidance of WebSite Auditor.
  • You will clearly see what problem areas are there on your web pages.
  • You'll know how to eliminate each problem.
  • You will get step-by-step optimization advice.
  • Important onpage optimization questions will be answered in the A-Z Optimization Report.

This project is called a website report and will show you a lot of information, so that you know what and where you can improve. In general, most websites have problems regarding broken links, HTML code errors, duplicate content, not indexed pages, missing or too long titles and Meta descriptions and so on.

A nice feature that this program presents is the fact that a quick filter allows you to search and locate almost instantly any page among the hundreds that your website may have. Furthermore this type of search is also available for keywords.

WebSite Auditor has a modern and easy to use interface that can be customized in order to suit any taste, by choosing from a variety of color schemes.

All in all, WebSite Auditor is a very useful SEO tool that can really help you improve your ranking on any search engine.

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SEO PowerSuite 36.2 Full Version

SEO PowerSuite is a practical, reliable and straightforward package that comes in handy for users who need to improve their website page rankings and attract thousands of unique visitors effortlessly.

The suite comes with four embedded tools that help you to promote your website namely SEO SpyGlass, Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor and LinkAssistant. Each of them enables on-page optimization for your website and will assure its place in the top rankings of Google.

With the help of SEO SpyGlass you are able to view exactly how your competitors got their rankings in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. While there are users who just simply fill specific URL addresses in order to access their favorite webpages, most often use the search engine to look up for what they need.

Using SEO SpyGlass you can easily enter a competitor’s URL in order to analyze it or simply specify a keyword you wish to rank well for. Once the scan is complete, it displays all the available backlinks and all the sources that were used.

The second tool, namely Rank Tracker comes in handy for webmasters who need to track their websites and keyword ratings effortlessly. After specifying the URL address you want to check and selecting the search engines you are interested in, you can easily monitor page rankings.

The next utility, WebSite Auditor allows you to reach the top ranking that you have been craving for. You can easily analyze your entire website and view if any problems are presented. You are able to crawl every webpage and analyze them depending on certain SEO factors such as Alexa rank, broken links, content type and many others.

The last but not least utility, entitled LinkAssistant allows you to enhance the visibility of your website and make sure that it will appear to Google’s first page. The main purpose of this utility is to point to relevant pages and make your website to look more popular.

To wrap it up, SEO PowerSuite comes in handy for webmaster and SEO professionals who need to achieve and maintain top traffic-generating positions and improve search engine rankings effortlessly.

SEO PowerSuite is a very comprehensive package of SEO utilities that can help you finish every SEO task successfully in no time, with great output results.

SEO PowerSuite consists of four separate tools:
· Rank Tracker;
· WebSite Auditor;
· SEO SpyGlass;
· LinkAssistant.

You can even schedule reports to be generated and send out automatically! There are four advanced tools in the SEO PowerSuite toolkit that assist in every aspect of organic SEO: Rank Tracker: Rank Checking & Keyword Research The tool let's you easily check your site's rankings rankings in over 500 search engines.

There are no limits of domains, keyword or number of searches! You can monitor all of your web pages on demand or automatically. Besides the ranking checks Rank Tracker also gives you access to 10 advanced keyword generation tools including Adwords Keyword Tool and Keyword Discovery.

WebSite Auditor - Content Optimization Analyze your content, see how it content compares to the top ranked competitors and optimize it outranking everyone else big time.

SEO SpyGlass - Competition Research Still wonder how all these guys got their sites ranking above yours? Find out where they get their links with SEO SpyGlass and you'll easily outrank them.

Analyze every link to a variety of factors including Domain and page PR, domain age, the number of links on the page, anchor text and description and more. LinkAssistant - Link Building & Management LinkAssistant will boost your link building efficiency by at least 80% saving you just as much time and effort.

Find link partners and link sources, generate professional links pages matching your site's design, check if your partners are linking back, monitor your link popularity & more.


  • Find the most profitable keywords for your own website - those that will bring you a lot of visitors who are likely to buy from you
  • Secretly spy on your top-ranking competitors, get detailed information on why they rank well - and draw up your own complete link building strategy
  • Tune up your website's structure, as well as HTML-coding and content of every page
  • Generate Google-friendly XML Sitemaps to ensure search engines quickly index and rank your entire website
  • Create your personal SEO Audit Report, SEO Success Blueprint Report and Keyword Rankings Report that will tell you in plain English which steps you need to take to rank #1 for your keywords
  • Easily manage your link campaign like a pro and speed up all link building tasks
  • Monitor search engine rankings of an unlimited number of sites for an unlimited number of keywords
  • Keep track of your competitors' rankings and compare them to yours
  • Promote your websites in 773 local and international search engines
  • Create and print all kinds of website optimization reports, publish them to the Web, or send them via email (Enterprise version only.)
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